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todayMay 23, 2020

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PSA: Phishing Call Scams Targeting At DBS And POSB Customers

Ransomware BCyber todayJanuary 7, 2020 12

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DBS And POSB Customers: Beware Of Phishing Calls

Since the start of the year, there is an increasing number of Singaporeans falling victim to phishing call scams.

“Still wondering why would this be a premium article.”

We received such a call this morning and we thought it will be best if we help spread the awareness since publications clearly have other objectives in mind when it comes to matter as such.

Here’s a rundown of what happened.

1. We Received A Call From A Local Mobile Number

At about 9.50am this morning, one of our colleagues received a call from a local number, 9024 5914.

If you encounter the same incident and managed to save the number, please let us know.

2. Automated Voice Message

Upon picking up the phone call, we hear an automated voice message which goes something like:

” Welcome to DBS distinguished customers. There is an exception found in your account. To verify your phone number, please press 3.”

This voice message was played in both rather fluent English and perfect Mandarin.

3. Proceeds To “Customer Service”

Upon pressing 3, the call was handed over to a scammer pretending to be a DBS staff member.

We were lucky that we got assigned one that was super inexperienced and speaks with a strong Chinese accent. It wasn’t difficult for us to ask a few questions that exposed the scammer and he hung up quickly after.

Do pay extra attention if these scammers were to ask you for any of the following details:

  • Credentials and login details of your Ibanking Account
  • OTP or Digital Token approval
  • Perform a certain task on your account which involves transferring money to someone else

Things DBS And POSB Will Never Ask You To Do

Your banks should never ask you to perform any of the following tasks:

  • Download a software
  • Provide your Ibanking details
  • OTP
  • Digital Token approval
  • Transfer money to anyone

Should you receive an SMS, Email or a call asking you to perform any of these tasks, be very careful!

If you need further verification or more information with regards to certain phone calls or message you received, contact DBS immediately!

DBS Hotline

Personal Banking: 1800 111 1111

Business Banking: 1800 222 2200

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Written by: BCyber

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