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todayJanuary 9, 2020

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Cybercrime BCyber

SNAKE ransomware looks to encrypt an entire business network

A new ransomware family has been discovered that is being used to target and encrypt all of the devices on business networks. The SNAKE ransomware is the latest example of enterprise targeting ransomware which is used by cybercriminals to infiltrate business networks, gather administrative credentials and encrypt the files of ...

todayJanuary 7, 2020

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Cybercrime BCyber

Cyber risk governance in financial services

It feels as though cyber risk has crept up on us without warning and with great intensity. We have come a long way from the days when our Palm Pilots had to be hot-synced through a docking station and the occasional hazard was from viruses transmitted as email attachments. Over ...

todayJanuary 4, 2020

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Cybercrime BCyber

SIM jacking mobile phones are on the rise in the UK

SIM jacking that allows criminals to take a person’s phone number and raid their bank accounts is on the rise in the UK Fraudsters obtain codes from operators to switch numbers to another device Since April, more than 300 fraudulent attempts to obtain code have been made Author Jack Monroe ...

todayDecember 31, 2019

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Cybercrime BCyber

What are Beckstrom’s Laws of Cyber Security?

The Internet of Things (IoT) has many defining characteristics, such as tiny, cheap and low power sensors, embedded computers, and connectivity. But one characteristic will rule them all, namely, security. In the very near future, the IoT will probably not exist if it isn’t secure. Beckstrom’s Laws of Cyber Security ...

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