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Business Continuity and Resumption

Are you up to date and aware of your security and resumption plans

Ever wondered how long and where do you start in the event of a cyber hack or ransomware event? Do you know where your backups are and whether they are recoverable?



What is BCyber Safe

It is not a matter of if but a matter of when a cyber incident will occur. Business today is in one way or the other connected and utilising technology and whether that is storing data on a computer, having a smart phone or using email. The risk is present.

BCyber SafeĀ has been developed to assist business with the understanding of risk, impact analysis and identification of key assets within the business. This is not purely a technology exercise. Our focus is on the business and what makes it work.

Our activities includes plans for resumption and recovery through to coverage of insurance and prevention of theft of key intellectual property.

Consider our BCyber Safe module for your business peace of mind.

All You Need Is Here


Every function you need, in a single place


Business assessment
dynamic review and control


Planning and management
testing communicating improving


End point monitoring
mobile smart device control


Mobile device security
ongoing identification and training


Identification and management
protection and control


Dynamic insurance management
communication for risk management


Identification and training
prevention, limitation and control


Monitor and manage
control and secure


Our approach

How It Works

The fully integrated system provides live updates and complete security of inbound and outbound data.


Dynamic Monitoring

A fully integrated system provides live updates and complete security on any level of your network, from the internet connection till any connected device. Understand the endpoints whether within the company boundary or outside the walls

Dynamic Monitoring


Business Threat Intelligence

Understanding the overall threat landscape is critical, however understanding the human aspects of threat intelligence is key. From key board members, management and staff. We provide the insights for your action team.

Business Threat Intelligence


Cost effectiveness

What is the ``real cost`` of a cyber breach? A number of scenarios needs to be considered. What is taken and what is breached and how fast you need to get back to business. We provide an indicator of the risks and costs based upon actual cases and scenarios for you to weigh up the cost vs risk.

Cost effectiveness

Expert responds

Why Choose It

Still in doubt? Listen to what the specialists say.


BCyber is not a solution that you buy, take out of the box, plugin and turn on. BCyber Safe is a solution that is tailored to your business. No two business are the same so we provide no one standard solution.

Data protection

Protection of data is key. From information stored on smart devices, laptops, tablets, PCs, servers through to Cloud servers we review the endpoint and threat exposure landscape within each business.

Threats defense

What sort of threat defence do you currently provide to the business, staff, clients, customers, boards, management and suppliers. We analyse the overal threat landscape and consider the appropriate threat defense for the business dependent on size, budget and industry.

Malware Scan

It is reported that a threat attack happens globally every 14 seconds? Is your malware threat detection dynamic? or maybe you have a policy of reviewing every 30 days, maybe no policy. Consider how important access is to your important and business reputation.


Do you exactly what all your insurance policies cover? What happens if you do not have enough coverage? Do you have financial reserves to cover? Do you know if the insurance company will pay up for the claim? or maybe the particular incident that happened to your business is not covered. Allow BCyber team to review your existing policy.


Communication with management, boards, staff and customers are key. Our solution tailors the contingency, resumption and communication materials for your business. Not built once and forgotten. BCyber builds once and maintains and communicates.

More info

Request a free consultant for your company to suggest the best setup for your business and industry. Our specialists have worked in business continuity, contingency and resumption for over 20 years.